Why I am running.

Anyone who knows me knows that I have always been outspoken about politics. I'm not quiet about my beliefs, and I'm always interested in talking about them. It is not simply an issue of political preference for me, though. My libertarian political philosophy, which dates back to high school, borders on an ethical or moral stance. We have certain rights and for the government to infringe upon those rights is inherently immoral. Because of this, it is not something I'm inclined to remain quiet about.

My political activity has not just been limited to talking, though. I have volunteered to help spread the word for Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012, and Gary Johnson in 2016. But I realized that just advocating was not enough. I needed to do something more concrete. I could not just talk and encourage any longer. I decided I wanted to be part of the process, not just the conversation.

I have lived in Coastal Alabama for most of my life. I love the area and the people. I'm excited that I will have a chance to represent my home. There's no question that, at this point, representing House District 96 is the ideal place for me to begin.

"But why not run as a Republican?" I've gotten this question from friends, family, and even from members of the local Republican Party. It would seem to be an easier path, but the easier path is not always the right one. That's not to say it isn't right for everyone. Rand Paul, Ron Paul, Justin Amash, and Thomas Massie are four political figures that I admire greatly, and who do a wonderful job advocating for the principles of liberty as Republicans. But for this time in this country and this state, it is not the right thing for me.

The nation is ripe for a third party to help do away with the damaging two-party system. And the party best positioned to become that third option is the Libertarian Party. It also happens to be the political party that I align best with philosophically, and it is filled with people who are motivated by principle, not personal ambition or self-preservation.

I don't think we can honestly say that about either the Democratic or Republican Parties. Ultimately, both parties want to preserve themselves above all else. They both claim to stand on principle, but reveal their true intent through their actions. The "team sport" nature of those on opposing sides of the two-party system is horribly divisive. A stance on an issue is defined largely by who is advocating or opposing the issue. It Us vs. Them, instead of Americans working together to improve things for everyone. And both the Democratic Party and Republican Party encourage such divisiveness through their rhetoric. In reality, they are both ultimately seeking to enrich themselves at the expense of the average American. I simply cannot align myself with either of the old parties given these facts.

It is time to end the stranglehold of the duopoly. Indeed the future of prosperity and freedom in America are threatened by the two-party system. Together, we can work to ensure that America, Alabama and the Gulf Coast remain free and prosperous.

And that is why I am running. 

I invite questions. And I would be happy to address any question you might have in a separate blog post in the future. So please don't hesitate to get in contact with me. 

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